Dayvee Sutton


From insightful breaking news reports to hard-to-get celebrity interviews to op-ed commentaries that push the limits of controversy, Dayvee Sutton has written them all for a range of publications.

Below is an archive of selected bylines from Dayvee's two-decade career in journalism.


Lonely Planet

NBC News

Huffington Post

U.S. News & World Report


NBC News


Black Enterprise

Digital Reports for NBC Charlotte (some of Dayvee’s favorite)

Magazine and Online Features

South Park Magazine Blog 12 Christmas Parties in 12 Days
also featured in the Charlotte Observer

AOL City’s Best

Young Frankenstein The Musical Review
TLC’s Clinton Kelly’s Tips for what To Wear
Reba Jackson Reflects on Michael Jackson’s death
Restaurant Week Preview


ESPN’s The Shadow League


Sports History: Ann Meyers Drysdale, 34 Years After She Signed
with the NBA
*originally posted on Yahoo!, link is now dead. View story here.

Interview with Sloane Stephens: Don’t Call Her Tennis’ New “it”
Girl Yet
*originally posted on Yahoo!, link is now dead. View story here.

Isner Clinches His First Title in Atlanta
*originally posted on Yahoo!, link is now dead. View story here.


Other Movie Reviews

Learn more about Dayvee’s weekly syndicated segment
“What to Watch at the Movies” HERE
Dayvee used to post Movies Reviews on …
*7/25/2014 links are dead on Yahoo! See all reposted stories here.

The Daily Affair

Check out Dayvee’s lifestyle, travel stories, D-I-Y tutorials and
celebrity Q&A’s on The Daily Affair
Here’s some of Dayvee’s favorite social commentary from the blog:
She’s a Pinup – Get Over It (Reaction to Kim Kardashian’s
Paper Magazine spread)