Dayvee Sutton


The climate is in crisis, and as a natural extension of her coverage as a travel reporter, Dayvee Sutton is becoming a powerful voice in sharing stories around the world surrounding the environment, suitability and ethical encounters with animals. From the sea to space, and what we wear to the food we eat, Dayvee travels to have boots on the ground to share the stories of the people, programs and places trying to make a difference in saving our Earth.

Candid of Dayvee exploring the wilderness of the Brazilian Amazon jungle.

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Dayvee Sutton named a Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting Fellow.

24th Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists

The 2022 Annual Workshop explored flooding, a problem that has become increasingly common in coastal and inland settings. Discussion centered around how climate change affects the frequency and intensity of flood events, the consequences of flooding, and how communities adapt. Climate change is a local story happening in the backyards of all news audiences. 

The Annual Workshop is designed to help Fellows gain new insights, sources and resources to aid their reporting, expand peer networks with journalists from around the globe, and produce accurate and contextualized reporting on globally relevant environmental issues. 


Check out Dayvee's Responsible Travel Resources page

Which includes the white paper

Start Here: Laying the Foundations for Responsible Travel

Along with other tools & resources to help with your journey to making intentional choices when traveling.

Dayvee covers how to travel more sustainably as the host of "GO! Explore" on LocalNow.

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On May 9, 2020, Underknown, producers of What If, the #1 science and technology show on social media, presented a global live-streamed  event, LiveMedAid. This benefit was in support of healthcare workers, the heroes who have been at the frontline battling the COI VID-19 pandemic.

Live Med Aid
Live Med Aid 2

With 100% of funds raised going directly to Doctors Without Borders, LiveMedAid featured leading thinkers, cultural influencers, musicians, writers and scientists from around the world. The show was be broadcast by select publishers and media outlets around the world and reached audiences in the hundreds of millions of fans and followers.

Dayvee Sutton was asked to produce two mini-docs and appear live as a guest. 
Here’s one of those stories.


Watch more storytelling about the environment on Dayvee’s Youtube Channel
Here’s one called “There’s a big problem at Joshua Tree National Park.”