Dayvee Sutton

Dayvee Sutton is an investigative storyteller who travels the world uncovering the unseen in the most picturesque places.

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Dayvee has created space as a fun and charismatic authority in travel media. Her journalism experience and on-air presentation of everything from breaking news to fun holiday round-ups gives audiences the perfect combination of education and entertainment making Dayvee one of the most in-demand TV travel experts in the U.S.A. 

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Trusted TV Vet

Nearly 20 years in television news with stops at some of the top legacy media companies.

Top TV Talent

Works as an independent correspondent, guest contributor, and freelance producer.

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Producers' Fav

She makes producers jobs easy and they trust her. Which is why she is the go-to contributor for several network shows.

Charasmatic HOST

From the TV "friend in your head" to "the most adventurous girl you know", she connects with audiences in a special way.

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Travel Correspondent + TV Travel Expert + Host

Dayvee’s work can be seen on NBC News platforms, including TODAY Show, NewsNow and MSNBC, CNN, Daily Blast Live, and The Weather Channel. She is host of “GO! Explore on Local Now, a host for Lonely Planet, and produced and hosted two seasons of an adventure travel show for Amazon Prime Video called “Beyond the Usual”, and the series “Extraordinary Experiences” for USA TODAY Network.

Media Entrepreneur

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Dayvee has a talent for staying on the edge of the next wave of content consumption. Early in her career she was creating and producing new media projects which later turned into the next trend.

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Because of this she was asked by Amazon to produce a series with the launch of Prime Video and invited in the Beta group for IGTV.

In her effort to connect deeper with the viewer, Dayvee has produced interactive videos, from choose-your-own -adventure, to 360 video. 

Work With Dayvee



Most of Dayvee's broadcast career was in sports. She made the rounds at ESPN, CNN Sports, Turner Sports, Comcast, and CBS. She covered all the major leagues, including MLB, NFL and NBA.


Dayvee's first job in broadcast was in radio. She got her foot in the door working weekends as a producer for the number one station in Atlanta.


Dayvee worked at the CNN London bureau where she covered Wimbledon, an opportunity she negotiated after being told no.


Dayvee Sutton is a Southern California native and graduated from UCLA. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

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