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If you’re looking to build out video content in the space of travel, I'd love to be of service!

My work in travel is featured each month on national platforms, including NBC News, CNN, and Dr. Oz, where I am a contributor to these networks.

It’s important to note that working with me as a paid  spokesperson eliminates any editorial mentions I am allowed to make on my National TV appearances. It is considered a conflict of interest. It is also illegal and I could lose my job.

However, one of the advantages of working with high-profile talent is that you can leverage my  presence from my shows to  add creditability and authority to your band when we work together!

I can be booked as your

Host, Presenter

For your videos and live events.

Spokesperson, Brand Ambassador

I get a lot of requests, but partner with brands I know, love and believe in. I'd love to represent you for your next SMT or brand integration television segment.

Content Creator

This is the process before what you see publicly, and my production company has been producing innovative lifestyle and travel content since 2015. My award-winning team and I can help you produce the video imagery you need for your brand from start to viral. Typically, this is in the form of you hosting me for an experience and I produce content that is entertaining, educational and hits all of your marketing points!

*ask me for case studies!

For destinations

For travel brands

Since 2009, I have worked with more than 150 brands.

Olay sample

Check out my spokesperson page to see work samples, and reviews from clients.

In addition to projects you are producing, here are some

Current Opportunities to Work with Me!

*Media Kit for any of these opportunities can be sent upon request.

My show GO! Explore

how to partner



My show on the new app So.Fa.Dog – The Travel Game Show


Let’s co-create on Loco+

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A journalist, not an influencer

Social Media Stats

I always make it clear that I’ve spend the bulk of my time producing content for major TV networks and productions. I’m a journalist by trade. This is important to clarify here for context on my social media stats. I am not an influencer, although I do have an overall following of about 50k. 

I am allowed, and on occasion, partner with brands on my social profiles. 

My engagement rate is about 3% .

I can be found @dayveesutton on all social media.

(There’s an additional YouTube channel from my archived blog – The Daily Affair – that stills see traffic with evergreen videos. There are 20k subscribers there.)


I'd love to partner with you!

drop me a line and keep in touch

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